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Contemporary Healing Through Traditional Practices


Adobe Indesign, Adobe Illustrator

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Graphic Design, Book Design, Print Publication



A 100-page compilation book of songs, articles, rituals, and collages that are related to West African-based spirituality (specifically voodoo, hoodoo, brujeria, and santeria). Focuses on how people of color today can work with these practices to heal, self-empower, and challenge racist narratives that exist around the subject.

All text excluding the introduction and editor’s note were collected by me through research. I fully designed and printed the book and made the included collages by hand. Measures 8.5 x 11 x 0.5 inches.

Book cover

Digital mockup

Pagination map

Style sheet

Digital Spread Samples

s 1 a.png
s 1 c.png
s 1 b.png
s 1 d.png
s 2 a.png
s 2 i.png
s 2 b.png
s 2 c.png
s 3 a.png
s 3 b.png
s 3 c.png
s 3 d.png
s 4 a.png
s 4 b.png
s 4 d.png
sec 4 b.png

Printed Copy & Full Scans

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